A collaborative European inquiry into

Technology Enhanced Mathematical Pedagogy

Project TEMP was conceived as a collaborative exploration into the ways in which Math teaching could be enhanced by making full use of available technologies, creating an enhanced mathematical pedagogy which could be applied across European contexts.

In this the 4th Industrial revolution and with the advent of knowledge driven economies it is ever more important to ensure that all learners are imbued with the knowledge, skills and attributes to be successful in life beyond school. A capacity for lifelong, lifewide learning has become more pertinent in this new age and running throughout is the importance of the digital domain and digital skills. Our Digitally rich world needs to be recognised and taken advantage of to enhance our approach to the delivery of ‘traditional’ subject disciplines such as mathematics. For this domain to be harnessed both the students and teacher must become competent and confident in its application across contexts.

For the subject domain of Mathematics we have sought to develop, evaluate and make freely available a series of ‘lessons’ and activities as ‘Recipe Cards’ which use ICT tools such as Socrative and aligned approaches such as Flipped Learning to enhance the delivery of widely recognised mathematical concepts being taught across the classrooms of Europe to students aged between 11 and 18.

Our approach throughout Project TEMP is based upon research into effective learning, inspired by highly successful models of education from around the world and shaped by our collective experiences of working as Math practitioners.

Importantly we are Math teachers from across Europe who have designed, delivered evaluated and made available materials for other Math teachers to use.

This is not just theory, the materials made available here are practical and real. 




Project TEMP, creating skilled practitioners and engaged learners through a Technologically Enhanced Mathematical Pedagogy.

Our belief

We at Project TEMP believe that a Technologically Enhanced Mathematical Pedagogy has the potential to

  • address a pressing need for the development of new methodologies to better utilise the opportunities that ICT in teaching Math could bring
  • address the emerging disparity within rates of progress between Boys and Girls in Mathematics with a particular focus upon learner engagement
  • enhance the value placed upon learning Math as a relevant and applicable subject beyond the school walls; and
  • support teachers to manage their ‘work loads’ through utilising ICT tools to ‘flip’ learning.

Our ‘manifesto’ for change

No one can deny that our world has changed significantly. Our post industrial society, our culture of instant-knowledge, and a world in perpetual flux requires so much more from today’s learners, their teachers and from present systems of formal education. An education must respond to this change and orientate itself towards educating today’s adolescents with a capacity to actively engage with this world positively.

Complex ‘soft’ skills such as creativity, collaboration and persistence, to name but a few, are crucial skills, qualities and attributes of the individual capable of successfully navigating our complex world. Digital skills and an ability to engage with ICT tools and ways of thinking are vitally important in our approached to Curriculum models, schools models and our approaches to education across Europe. Teaching approaches and materials in core subjects such as Mathematics must be designed to facilitate the development of these skills, attributes and capacities all of which are vital in this the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Change partners

Foremost we are teachers, educators and educational professionals. We represent three EU contexts, England, Sweden and Romania.

Representing England are educators from the UCL Academy, London

Representing Sweden are educators from across six schools within the municipality of Västerås Stad:

  • Kristiansborgsskolan
  • Nybyggeskolan
  • Viksängsskolan
  • Carlforska gymnasiet
  • Rudbeckianska gymnasiet
  • Wijkmanska gymnasiet

Representing Romania are educators from the Colegiul National ~A.T.Laurian~

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