Project Newsletter

TEMP Newsletter 1-December 2015

Romanian Summary:


Describe the implementation
Step 1: The students in the 7th grade took an online test on the „Important lines in a triangle” lesson, for evaluation of students’ initial knowledge.

Step 2: We presented in GeoGebra theoretical concepts of the important lines in a triangle. We did a recap and discussed together the definitions and the properties.

Step 3: The GeoGebra lessons were posted on the Facebook Class Group, so every student can access them from home.

What is the observed impact on learners?
Less interest in preparing the test.

A certain curiosity in viewing the lessons.

While preparing the online test, we used new websites (,,, )

The test generated the students’ satisfaction by using unique answers.

The students were stimulated by realizing the personal portfolio.

What has gone well?
The moving images helped some students to understand and retain the properties of the important lines in a triangle.

The use of the video applications had a positive impact on students who have a visual or auditory style of learning (over 80% of the students).

What has not gone so well?
The students don’t have access to a computer during class. They can only view the projected images.

The time management assigned for the online tests was an issue. Students must take the online tests in the school ICT labs. The individual analysis required more time, without which the testing wouldn’t had been so efficient.

What next?
The use of elementary concepts in practical activities.

The improvement of their knowledge by resolving problems with the help of GeoGebra.

The main objective is more than 50% of the students involved in the project to reach the average level in the study of more complex Math concepts.

Testing their knowledge by taking an online test.

The selection of the students that are able to work on a higher level.


Swedish Summary:



Final proposal 100-200 word outline of your proposed T.E.M.P project.

We want the homework to be a valuable tool for everybody. As we see it today students’ attitude towards homework, within our context of Lower Secondary (students aged between 12-16) is negative. Our experience is that homework is not done by everybody and the students don’t see the advantages of doing it.

In our triad we will test computer-based homework with students aged 12-14. We have decided to work with and As the project progresses we are open for testing other tools as well. As research shows computer-based tests tend to have a positive effect on students’ motivation, concentration and performance.

The first step in our project is to evaluate student’s current attitudes towards homework. We will use a digital questionnaire. We will then in our triad collaborate in making meaningful homework hosted through Zaption and Socrative. We want the results from the homework to be the base for next lesson (Flipped Learning). This way, we believe, will contribute to develop quicker and better formative assessment for both students and teachers.

In our triad each teacher will focus on one student group from the age range 12-14.

Enquiry Question This question should include an appropriate question stem, the topic, and focus.

Will working with preconception as homework through Zaption and Socrative change students’ attitudes towards homework?

Due to the fact that the teachers in our tirad work at three different schools with a big geographic spread we have had a hard time to find time to collaborate.

We have all done the student questionnaire and have started to construct and test different tours in Zaption. We still need to do a lot more trails to be able to find a structure that works for our purpose. The students seem to be taking the change in homework structure with a positive attitude and hopefully that will continue throughout the project. And as we get better at creating our tours we hope that our efforts will contribute to the success with our project.


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