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Project TEMP -Swedish triads emerging findings

Project TEMP – Västerås Two Swedish teams of three teachers have been cooperating for two years around the use of ICT in Mathematics, one team from lower secondary schools and one from upper secondary schools. The participants come from six schools and have been able to bring different perspectives and experiences into the project, thus… Continue reading Project TEMP -Swedish triads emerging findings

Our emerging findings

Final Research Report – Triad Sweden 2

Final Research Report – Triad Sweden 2   Peter Werner, Mikael Jonsson   Teaching context We are working at three different schools in Västerås, Sweden, grades 10-12: Wijkmanska gymnasiet, Rudbeckianska gymnasiet and Carlforsska gymnasiet. All three schools are run by the municipality and the IT-infrastructure is considered good. Peter is teaching in the technology programme… Continue reading Final Research Report – Triad Sweden 2

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Project TEMP- Romanian Research Report

Teaching context: At national level, mathematics is a compulsory subject, whose study involves following a standard curriculum for each grade. The use of IT tools is a methodological suggestion and it is up to each teacher the extent to which these are used during classes. In 2002, the Romanian Ministry of Education financed an extensive… Continue reading Project TEMP- Romanian Research Report