Final reports and recipes

Final reports of the 2 year studies have been drawn together and placed on this site. the intention is to share our practices and findings with interested parties. The links below will enable access to each report.

Each report outlines the

  1. Teaching context 
  2. The Problem 
  3. Research Question 
  4. Data Collection 
  5. Data Analysis 
  6. The Findings 
  7. Reflections on collaborative processes 
  8. Conclusions 
  9. Next Steps 
Sweden Teams Recipes

SW1_ Intervention Recipe Scaleble learning

SW1_ Intervention Recipe Vklass

SW2_Intervention_Recipe – zaption

SW2_Intervention_Recipe_ screencastomatic

UK Team Recipes

UK _Intervention_Recipe – Google Docs

UK_Intervention_Recipe2 Google Docs

Romanian Team Recipes

RO _Intervention_Recipe – GeoGebra

RO _Intervention_Recipe2 – GeoGebra