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I believe learning is…

  • Essential
  • Necessary
  • Important and really necessary
  • Very important
  • An educational method through which a person can build general knowledge in order to achieve something in life
  • Important, because only through learning can one become intelligent
  • A way to fond out many new things
  • A means which helps and will always help you in life
  • A process which develops thinking and vocabulary
  • Important for our future and for building a career in a field in which I am interested
  • Very useful in life
  • Something which will help me in life and which you never know when I am going to need
  • The basis of our future
  • Very important for progress
  • Important if we want to become someone, to avoid starring, to start a family in order to live happily. That’s why, since childhood, we need to find out what we like so as to get qualifications in a domain we would like to perform in where we grow up
  • Important in a person’s life
  • The best way to get somewhere in life
  • Important in order to become well-read and have a future
  • Something we’re going to need our entire life and which will always be useful, in every domain, I consider that without learning, we’ll never manage in life. There fore, learning is absolutely necessary
  • A major thing in a student’s life
  • Important, because if we don’t learn, we won’t be able to create a future for ourselves
  • Important. Because we’ll have to achieve important things in life
  • A basic thing
  • The wish to know
  • The most important thing necessary to be successful in life
  • Important, because it helps me to learn as much as possible
  • Essential in order to make sure we;ll have a good future
  • Ideal in order to get a great job
  • One if the most important things for a brilliant future
  • Something vital
  • Easy, if you love it and you want to become someone
  • Contemporary so as not to end up homeless, this is the best motivation
  • Something which must exist in a person’s life, meant to help them in various fields of activity
  • One of the habits which teaches you how to think
  • Compulsory. It helps us develop our intellect without learning we wouldn’t know essential things(reading, writing, calculating)
  • Compulsory; however, we should learn things necessary for our future life. Some of the things we learn will never help up. We’re made to learn things we don’t need in real life
  • Necessary for everyone
  • Important, because we’ll know a lot for tests and homework
  • Something wonderful which will help me in life. I’m going to need knowledge in order to achieve something important in life.
  • The best thing
  • A way of thinking better, of causing the brain to develop and to put neurons to work
  • Something essential for people; to become educated is a very important thing; I consider that learning lies at the basis of human-kind, without it we’re just animals.
  • A solid basis in a person’s life, a necessary source of information
  • Important, because if we have knowledge, we can figure out everything
  • Essential for human beings; without it, people wouldn’t be smart and educated
  • Useful for our knowledge
  • Important because it develops our thinking
  • Very important for a person’s development
  • Very useful in order to develop a brilliant mind

 I believe mathematics is….

  • Important
  • Helpful
  • Difficult to learn but necessary
  • An exact science in which people use calculations, measurements
  • An importance yet complicated science
  • A subject we learn at school which will help us in the future
  • A science we can’t live without, as life makes no sense without it
  • A subject which will help us in life
  • An educational science which will help us in the future
  • An important subject in which we can learn really important things
  • A complicated science which you can’t understand without the help of a specialist; sometimes mathematics is really complex, but useful; math can be learnt more easily through practical activities
  • Very exciting and useful
  • A fun subject which can help us in our everyday life
  • An exact but complicated science which you can’t understand without studying. Math must be learnt, is easy to understand through practical activities led by out teachers, who can explain better so children can understand
  • A beautiful, but difficult subject
  • An useful science which develops one’s mind and thinking
  • Rather complicated, but I need to learn it if I want to achieve things in life
  • A subject as difficult as it is important
  • An important subject, sometimes difficult, but not impossible
  • Not always useful, we should learn things useful four our daily life
  • Fun
  • A subject which stimulates our brain, helping us to keep our nervous system healthy
  • A subject which helps us to develop our intelligence
  • Very difficult, but necessary for important exams
  • Somewhat useful, but sometimes boring and annoying
  • A subject which, if you pay attention and fo your homework, can be easy
  • Compulsory because without it, we couldn’t calculate, use formulas
  • Not necessarily an important subject; the math we’re learning may not help us in the future. I don’t think that in life I’ll come across medians or heights, that I’ll have to calculate the BCA angle when the BC side is 5 centimeters.  You just need to know the basics: addition, multiplication, division, some definitions in geometry etc.
  • Interesting, unfortunately I don’t like it
  • Important, without it we would still live in the Middle Ages, but useless in some fields (medicine)
  • A subject which can help me in life up to a certain point, as a student I hate mathematics with all my heart,but I know it’s important, but that’s all, I don’t like it and I don’t want to do something related to math in the future
  • Uninteresting
  • Essential for everything around us
  • Something we study
  • A subject which I think will help me
  • A subject which makes us think logically because it’s exact
  • Very good and helpful in the world of computers, programming
  • A subject useful only for the people who want to train for a math-related jobs
  • A subject which is easy if you want to learn it
  • Difficult, it’s never attracted me

 I believe the purpose of learning Maths is…

  •  to help me in life
  • to become smarter
  • to help you understand logical problems through calculations, measurements, etc.
  • to help us build a future regarding science
  • an interesting but also annoying experience sometimes
  • difficult and very precise
  • helpful but up to a point
  • important
  • boring
  • necessary
  • useful and important
  • sometimes useful, but I wish teachers taught us  practical and useful for life
  • the purpose of life, without it I cannot exist, it helps me understand what is unclear to me. Among all the numbers and equations I see the logic of all life.
  • to develop our thinking processes and to help us in our life
  • an important  thing because it helps us in our near future
  • to help us evolve, understand the things around us and to develop ourselves
  • to find out many interesting things related to maths
  • to help us in our day to day life
  • to develop our thinking processes
  • to train our mind
  • to help us think in a more organized manner
  • to teach us to do reckon and avoid being cheated
  • to get on in life, for instance in a store
  • to evolve and develop
  • to think rationally and logically
  • to better understand the thinks around us
  • to make us more attentive and more organized
  • to develop our intelligence
  • to develop our logical thinking
  • don’t know
  • to train and develop our brain
  • to help us manage in life in various circumstances
  • to  develop our memory and our ability to think clearly
  • everybody should learn it because it is all around angles, spheres, numbers, shapes
  • for our general knowledge and culture
  • to help us build a better world
  • to improve ourselves
  • to help us find a good job

 I think that IT helps me learn Mathematics in the following ways..

  • calculations and problems
  • to buy things and to develop
  • to have access to information/ to be able to focus more easily knowing that I can work on a modern material
  • to learn maths more easily and to be well-informed
  • to be able to see information I couldn’t understand/ to improve and add to the information I couldn’t understand and I am ashamed to ask the teacher
  • to make progress in learning maths
  • to see examples and to communicate with children around the world
  • to do ex and problems in Maths/ to work more handouts in class to practice and demonstrate problems more easily
  • to have a more accessible class
  • in the geometry class, we can present the graphs in a more amusing way
  • looking for many things on the internet you can find out many interesting things
  • it can help us understand more easily and can make learning more fun
  • accessibility of online platforms
  • presenting lessons on the overhead projector
  • to practice my abilities not only regarding mathematics but also the virtual environment
  • to learn mathematics in a more interactive way
  • to understand things better
  • to make things more fun
  • to explain what was taught the previous class
  • to draw geometric figures at the blackboard
  • to show projects
  • to have access to various platforms
  • to do tests online
  • to solve online tests
  • to show papers
  • to have access to various maths applications
  • to help us understand geometry
  • to have access to sites that offer explanations to more difficult problems
  • to find more useful materials
  • a more interactive way of teaching to attract more students
  • to better understand some terms
  • to learn lessons more easily
  • to learn how to draw a geometrical figure
  • to learn the theory and practice
  • to clarify some information and some problems
  • I don’t think it can help
  • to help us with our homework
  • geometric figures (geogebra)
  • learning theory
  • learning is made easier if you see figures (as compared to definitions or equations
  • to look for definitions on the internet
  • IT can be very helpful and I use it everyday
  • it helps me to solve a more difficult problem
  • if you fall behind and the teacher doesn’t repeat what s/he said, I can access the internet and look for the necessary information
  • using the laptop and the gadgets make mathematics look easier
  • to discover new things
  • to revise some notions and terms
  • to learn using the internet that we didn’t learn in class
  • to solve some problems and make calculations,to look for definitions which I forgot
  • easy and fun
  • to learn how to develop a software program or how to use a program
  • to do homework
  • checking and bringing/ finding extra information
  • calculations and geometrical figures