Recipe Cards – Questioning


Recipe Card 1 – Increasing engagement through question construction and test taking

In this Recipe Card we combine together Socrative, Mathspace and Google Docs to enable students to engage with formative assessment and question construction.


MathSpace ( was used to engage students in regular formative assessment questions undertaken as a plenary. Once confidence of a concept was built the next stage is to use Google Docs to enable students to collaboratively construct mathematical questions.

google-docs-icons-590d5dfe3df78c928309366b20160418_184618Using Google Docs enabled students to work together in real time to construct, test and rewrite effective Math questions.  Socrative, a classroom app for fun, effective classroom engagement, enabled students to then build quizzes using the questions they had designed. The quiz acted as an authentic audience for the work studenst had undertaken through question engagement, design and test setting.  Fundamental to this intervention is the application of Socrative as a formative and summative assessment tool (

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Recipe Card 2 – Promoting independent learning through accessing research materials without teacher guidance and developing problem solving skills beyond the syllabus.

In this Recipe Card we combine together Underground Maths and Google Forms to enable students to engage in self-directed research activity guided by in class learning. Findings based on the research are turned into presentations made to and shared with the class. The final phase is self evaluation, through Google Forms, resulting in a formative assessment of the process. Find out more about Underground Maths here


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