Romania – A.T. Laurian



With a tradition of 156 years old, ”A.T.Laurian” National College from Botosani has a distinctive development in the educational landscape of the city and at national level, as well, standing out with the students’ and teachers’ exceptional results. At the end of 2012, the activity in this college was evaluated by the specialists of the Romanian Agency of Assurance of Quality within Preuniversitary Education, being ranked among the top educational institutions nationwide.

”A.T. Laurian” is a theoretic highschool, with human and real profiles; the staff consists of 75 teachers and a number of 1130 students enrolled in 2014-2015. This highschool has 42 classrooms, 13 cabinets, 7 labs, 3 gyms, one sports field, a library room and two festival rooms.


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