Toolkit – Our Recipe Card Method


Throughout this project we have sought to design, trial and evaluate approaches which are useful and usable for classroom teachers of mathematics. To ensure that the final products were also useful we chose to construct these as how to guides or ‘Recipe Cards’, an approach developed by one of the project partners, Rob Gratton, drawing upon design principles established by Expeditionary Learning called Protocols.

Recipe Cards cover a number of different uses of IT tools with an overarching theme of flipped-learning. The three strands we have grouped the Cards into to aid navigation cover

  1. Computer aided Visualisation
  2. Dynamic Questioning 
  3. Building and Using Video tutorials 

Each Recipe Card outlines the following as a means of making it easier to choose and apply the most relevant recipe card to ones desired practice.

  • Mathematical Concept(s)
  • Digital Tool
  • Peperation Time:
  • Lesson/Delivery Time:
  • Purpose (Why do the intervention?), including the potential outcomes for learners/teachers and what we observed as recorded outcomes during our own delivery of the intervention; so you can see the potential benefits. 
  • Process (a step to step guide for both teacher and student); and finally
  • Products (If applied what will the successful intervention look like?)