Research literature

TEMP research articles and lectures

  • Botosani 5th to 8th of October 2015:                PhD student Robert Gratton, UCL/UCL Academy:  Principles of the research process followed by co-construction of the research guide – Project TEMP handbook
  •  Västerås 15th to 18th of May 2016:                 Professor Andreas Ryve, Mälardalen University: Improving mathematics instruction at scale                                                                            PhD student Patrik Gustafsson, Mälardalen University talks about his research Designing Classroom Response System tasks
  • Västerås 3rd to 7th of April 2017:                       PhD student Patrik Gustafsson, Mälardalen University 
    • What do we really know about integrating digital technology in the mathematics classroom? – the past, the presence and the future from a researcher’s perspective”
    • “Flipped learning”.
    • ”CRS – Design principles for discussion tasks in MC format”
    • A framework for analysing technology integration in the mathematics classroom
  • Workshop – Constructing classroom response system tasks

PhD student Patrik Gustafsson, Mälardalen University Licentiate Thesis:

Article on the website:

Effective Pedagogy of Mathematics:

Click to access EdPractices_19.pdf

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